Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aha! Jokes Laughing Gas Presents: Plumber of the Year

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Plumber of The Year Award

What would we do without plumbers? These heroic people toil daily making sure our faucets don't drip, and our toilets keep on flushing. Join us as we take a look at these nominees, and decide on the Plumber of the Year.

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#10 King of the hill
Plumbing #10

#9 Side Straddle
Plumbing #9

#8 Can't... quite... reach!
Plumbing #6

#7 The door is to keep the draft out >.>
Plumbing #5

#6 That seat is quite nice.
Plumbing #4

#5 Not much privacy, eh?
Plumbing #8

#4 Well now what?
Plumbing #3

#3 Oh that works!
Plumbing #3

#2 No elbow room
Plumbing #2

#1 Butt Buddies
Plumbing #1

Honorable Mention: They turned it on to make sure it wouldn't reach.
Plumbing Honorable Mention

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